Adult Novelties             

 These are our adult novelty candles and soaps. We are always looking to add more to this line and will be doing so soon. If you have a suggestion for something, let us know, we will see what we can do.


  8 inch Penis Candle  $7.50

 Since each one is hand poured individually, each color will vary slightly.

As with all hand poured candles some slight imperfections are expected.

Please order these 3-5 days ahead of when you need them, as well as at least 3 days shipping most states, as they take a lot longer to make.

***Sorry out of stock due to mold issues. Hopefully will be back on in a few weeks***




                    Set of 4 Medium Adult Soaps $3.25 per set



                Sexy women soaps. Set of 6 $4.00 



                            Vagina Soap $5.00



    Penis Head Tea lights Comes in set of 6     $4.00



             Penis Head Soaps   Comes in set of 6  $3.00



           Each package contains 10 tarts equal to 4 oz.   $3.25

  Penis Tarts. Place in your favorite tart warmer and enjoy.







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